Sunday, June 28, 2009

and last but certainly not least...three of three


I have officially begun the serious processes of purchasing a house. I've actually made an offer on a place, but it's a short sale.

Briefly, a short sale is the step before foreclosure. During a short sale, the seller has negotiating rights which they use to try to make a profit over what the bank is demanding. The process can be long and drawn out, not to mention the bank can pull any deal up to the very end.

Right now I'm a "back up" offer. Normally I would think that my chances were gone, but because of the short sale that may not be the case. I'm not used to hoping for others to not get what they want so that I can get what I want...but I have to admit that I really hope it doesn't work out for the first offer!

Of course, there are many more houses out there. In fact, there are currently over 6,500 houses for sale in the Albuquerque area. I'm sure that this is NOT the only one that I would be in love with. But I'm really in love with it! If you want to see it, click here (HOUSE) and it's under the "saved" tab. The address is 7515 Vancouver. Once you find it, click on "view details" and that's the best way to see all the info and pictures.

I continue to pray that God's will prevails, as I know it will. I'm also praying that I allow God's will to be my desire, and that's probably what I will struggle with the most. We shall see!!!

I know that I haven't been great at updating, but I can promise you that I will keep you all posted on the house situation!

two of three

ARGHHHH...I am so furious at my body's inability to step off of things. As you may or may not know, I have always struggled with ankle issues, and about 3 years ago I had reconstructive surgery to address that. Every time that I had ever hurt my ankle(s), it had been a result of being on my toes. Stepping off of a curb, stepping down a stair, back marching in marching band. Well, it happened again on Friday.

I was simply walking out of my home to go to brunch with a friend. I was fine, my foot made it's way out the door, ball of the foot on the ground, and next thing I know, all support was gone. I've turned my ankle on occasion since the surgery and it's been a matter of walking it off. NOT this time. I have now spent 3 days on crutches, taking advantage of my incredible friends, and planted on my couch with my foot alternating between an ice bath and a prop above my heart.

I did manage to get my hair done (it wasn't until after that that I realized how bad it really was), go to brunch, and get pushed around Kohl's in a wheel chair!

I am sure that it's just a sprain and everything will be fine, but I'm trying really hard to baby it. I really want to make sure that I do no damage to the work that the doctor did!

The REALLY frustrating part...for the last 6 weeks or so, I have finally gotten into a regular exercise routine. I've been running, walking, biking, dancing, wii fit(ting!)...all things I can't do with a bum ankle.

So...hopefully the future holds some brief recuperation followed by a quick jump back into the daily routine...including the exercise.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one of three...

I haven't written in a while. I'll try to do better, but for now, here'a bit of Kristin's life...

My grandfather passed away on May 20th. He held on for a while, and we really thought he was going to go many times before he did, but it was definitely time for him to meet Jesus. It was really nice to be there to say goodbye and I was able to help with his care (he was in house hospice) for the last week and a half of his life. He was funny up to the mom (Tina) has a new nickname...Tuna. I have a new nickname...Chicken. Apparently he had food on the mind! At one point, after he hadn't had anything to eat or drink aside from sucking water off a sponge for days, I stopped to check his pain level and chat with him a bit. He looked up at me and said "OVER TWO HOURS AGO I ASKED FOR A GLASS OF MILK...WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" If you didn't know my grandfather you may think that he was just going senile in his last days, but it was completely his sense of humor.

Even his passing was a bit humorous as far as timing goes. He had been holding on for all this time, and managed to make a statement by dying at a specific time. He HATED American when did he pass...not 15 minutes into the finale! We had all been sitting in the living room, his bed about 5 feet away from us, watching the finale. Needless to say, we turned off the TV, said final goodbyes, and started making the necessary arrangments...his mission accomplished I am sure! I'll miss you Pop Pop, but see you soon enough!!

I am so thankful that I have a job, and more importantly an employer, who allowed me the opportunity to spend this time with him.

Since I've been home I've been to the FFA state championship and got to serve as a judge for the 2nd year. I judged extemporaneous speaking both years. This year, I also got to be a judge for the micro-organisms and ecology displays of the Agricultural Science Fair. The next weekend I was in Clovis for State Rodeo.

Now, I'm home for the rest of the month (I started writing this post when there was actually a good portion of the month left!) and getting ready for July...another month of travel.

If all goes as planned, I will be driving to Denver for the 4th of July. Carrissa, Chris and I will drive up in my car and hang out with Rissa's dad and step mom, as well as hook up with Leanne while we're up there. Should be a blast!

On the 10th, I'm taking a group of kids to Cliff's...kind of a summer tradition for the kids of my co-workers. This year Dana's going to join me, so I'll have some adult interaction too!

The following weekend I'm taking a group of 9 students to Indianapolis for the National Student Leadership Conference. I was able to put together a great cross section of kids from around the state, and they'll learn some incredible stuff while having a great time. Should be a blast for all of us!

The following week begins the summer mayhem at the office. We'll have two state conferences that week and I'll be working quite a bit. Somewhere in there, I'll squeeze in a birthday celebration (probably 3 actually!) and get ready to start what should be my last year of school...finally!

On that note, I just registered for 2 of the 3 classes I will take this fall (I'm trying to squeeze my way into the 3rd class which is currently full). When I'm done with that, the Spring semester will consist of nothing other than my Thesis/Examination work. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be no other speed bumps to finishing this degree as there have been in the past!

Since I started this post, there have been some developments that call for their own posts. So, see two and three of three!