Thursday, March 26, 2009

One liners...

Whew it's been a while! So here are some one-line updates...

Basketball's over!
Spirit's next weekend
Band is in a month
GRE is tomorrow
Date this weekend
Engagement is off
Allergies suck!!!!
Everyone is healthy (despite the allergies)
Social live is booming
Addicted to Ratched and Clank...still...
Move day this weekend
Living situation has landed me in therapy
Currently enjoying Spring Break
Bod Squad dissolved
Weight loss is still a goal, but not being accomplished as quickly as I would like
Working about 60 hours a week
School about 20 hours a week
Just did a sleep study
American Idol has a pretty impressive top 10
Running out of one liners that you'd care about
Got my hair cut yesterday
Almost aquired another dog
Found dog's owner
Dog's owner is incredibly thankful
I'm thankful that the vet did the "look-over" for free (4 hours before the reunion)
A bit worried about how much I CAN'T remember
Won't be travelling as much as usual this summer (something about the economy...)
I'm sick of the economy being everyone's scapegoat
I still believe that if it hadn't been an election year, our economy wouldn't be as "bad" as it is (or has been made out to be)
Still...I'm considering buying stock
I miss friends
Mine...not the show...
OK, the show too, but not as much as mine
Buying the house this summer (keep your fingers crossed...)
Yep, that's about it...
I think that really IS about it. I know it's not the usual way of updating everyone, but for those of you who follow this blog to follow should be sufficient!!! Love you all!